Company Strategy

The company further seek to create a first-class IT consulting company, which would be achieved through the following; Initially the company will make use of the extensive IT and SAP skills of its directors in helping our clients. Through training and development of young stars thereby elevating their job status to that of a professional. Inspire the sense of happiness and belonging through incentives being created.

Continuous engagement of clients in seeking better ways of dealing with the day to day developments in the industry. Engage the industry in an innovative and development programme by engaging role players in creative debates to improve IT standards. Strong engagement in a strategic program to phase out sexism and racism in the industry and in the workplace. The development of the company would consist of three phases viz.

1. PHASE I - Will engage purely in small individual projects where you place an employee at a client, where he or she will perform tasks in a team or as an individual.
2. PHASE II - Engage in small to medium size projects where the company takes on these project and implements them from start to finish. This most probably will be taken on as a sub contractor of one of the bigger consulting firms.
3. PHASE III - Engage in large project of implementing big projects for big companies. Where the main implementation partner is Iyabuya Consulting having sub contractors doing certain small projects for it.