Iyabuya Consulting was founded in 2001 to address the Business Applications consulting needs. Our company has managed and continues to attract the best and most experienced SAP consultants in the market.


Our consultants have a wide range of experience, which include but is not limited to the following:
• Project Management
• Systems Analysis
• SAP Material Management
• SAP Production Management
• SAP Sales and Distribution
• Analysis and design
• Scheduling and loading
• SAP Programming
• SAP Workflow
• SAP Financial Accounting
• SAP Human Capital Management

Our company's primary focus is to help our clients in choosing and implementing the right system the first time round (Doing it right the first time all the time) and ensuring that we tap into every business opportunity to propel us to reach economic growth.

Iyabuya have experience in a number of different industries to mention a few: Oil and Gas, Distribution, Information Systems, Education, Municipality and Government Institutions.

Our consultants have served the following companies and/or public organisations in their individual capacity: SA Education Dept. Engen, Caltex, Philip Morris U.S.A, (Richmond, VA) Merisel (Los Angeles, CA, US) UWC, Eskom, Rand Water, City Power, Vodacom. Some of the Projects in which Iyabuya was involved as a company are the following:
• SENTECH Solution Management Installation
• SENTECH Master Data cleansing
• Future Logistics Solutions
o SAP Technical Upgrade
o Consolidation of the SAP syst0ems of Three different departments into one system
• Tshwane Municipality
• Telkom Salamis SAP R/3 4.6C implementation
• GPG GSSC SAP CRM implementation
• GPG GSSC SAP R/3 4.6C and SAP Business warehouse implementation
• City of Cape Town SAP R/3 4.6C implementation
Some of the Projects in which Iyabuya is currently involved as a company are the following:
• Msunduzi Municipality Helping with program managing and change management from the client’s side
• Msunduzi Municipality doing system’s Quality Assurance on the SAP implementation for client.
• Msunduzi Municipality developed MSCOA proto type for the client.
• Msunduzi Municipality doing continuous business improvement(CBI) on the SAP implementation for client.
• We also have some contractors at some other clients through subcontracting
It is critical that we as consultants provide the best and a world class service to our clients around the world. This is in line with the world class reputation we wish to build and maintain.
We plan to help our clients maintain a competitive edge by continuously helping them to improve their processes and to respond quickly to the rapidly changing IT industry. We plan to help our customers by reducing the costs and the time it takes to implement and upgrade the systems they have installed. We understand the importance of keeping the technology current. We also understand that due to the business changing needs, new and more advanced functionality is required to address these needs. The key is choosing and partnering with the right consultants.

Development Strategy

The company further seek to create a first-class IT consulting company, which would be achieved through the following; initially the company has make use of the extensive IT and SAP skills of its directors in helping our clients. We train and develop our young and upcoming consultants in becoming world class professionals. Inspire the sense of happiness and belonging through incentives being created.
Continuous engagement with clients in seeking better ways of dealing with the ever changing industry. Engage the industry in an innovative and development programme by engaging role players in creative debates to improve IT standards. The development of the company is consisting of three phases viz.
1. PHASE I - Was engage purely in small individual projects where you place an employee at a client, where he or she was perform tasks in a team or as an individual.
2. PHASE II (current)- Engage in small to medium size projects where the company takes on these projects and implements them from start to finish. This is taken on as a sub-contractor of one of the bigger consulting firms and taking small SAP upgrade projects as Iyabuya itself.
3. PHASE III - Engage in large project of implementing big projects for big companies where the main implementation partner is Iyabuya Consulting having sub-contractors doing certain small projects for it.